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Factory Friends

Quotes from pFactory After-school '04/05 in Harlem:
“People think just because we're in the projects, we donít have to look nice... just because we are in the projects, it does not make us go lower it can actually make us go higher because we know what we have and we appreciate it. And we try to also make it better.”
Student P.S. 125
“Iím thankful for having a great time making boxes and this is a great opportunity to help people when theyíre poor. I hope everybody donates their stuff, their clothes, their cans of food.”
Student P.S. 129

“Weíre caring about the poor and we can help them and that all contributes to what weíre doing and thatís what they need- like care, love- respect."
Student P.S. 129

“This is a well-rounded program. We always write in our journals. We can express ourselves. This is a program where you can be you and you donít have to be someone else. We are family and you can be a part of it.”
Student P.S. 125

Quotes from Possibilities Factory Campers, 2003:
ďI thought it was really interesting and I thought it was really fun. I really liked meeting new people and I liked the games we played. I pretty much liked everything. I learned a lot about the video camera.Ē 
–Matthew W.
“I thought it was a great experience. I never had done an overnight camp. It was a very welcoming experience. It was nice to know you were going to be helping somebody somewhere.”
–Arielle C.

Itís a real good set up. I like how weíre helping the community and places around the world. It makes me feel like Iíve achieved something. Working with the video camera was one of my favorite parts. I felt like I was powerful. I felt like I had the energy right in my hands. The camp opened up friendships. It was a great experience.Ē
Josiah F.

“Iím really happy to be involved in this type of camp. Itís nice to do this type of service for the community. Itís a fun camp to go to."
Nefertiti F. 

Quotes from Possibilities Factory Campers, 2000:
“I think this camp has helped me become a leader by giving me more confidence to stand up and say what I want to say. It’s also taught me little things that have given me confidence and given me more opportunities to be a leader.”
–Lauren J.
“This whole camp is about either improving yourself or improving the world around you.”
–Big Sarah

“I think Possibilities Factory built up my confidence in school and stuff, because I was kind of nervous about things and then this camp taught me to be open on your ideas and stuff like that.”


“I think the main thing about the Possibilities Factory is that it will help the world see that we teenagers are not the punks, gang members, drug dealers, and ignorant kids that they think we are; but as actual people who are capable of doing great things in our community.”
–Big Sarah

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