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  About Possibilities Factory

The pF Facts

The Possibilities Factory is designed to increase youth self esteem and community altruism. Adolescents are hungry for realistic moral guidance, and The Possibilities Factory gives it to them, in their own language. Through empowering youth to take action and highlighting their community involvement, The Possibilities Factory spreads the good news that youth can make a difference. The Possibilities Factory gives youth positive and powerful behaviors to emulate.

The Possibilities Factory integrates television with real life teen triumph to inspire kids toward community service and altruism. This is accomplished through the marriage of the Possibilities Factory Camps with the Possibilities Factory TV show.

The Possibilities Factory Camps are a place for preteen and young teenagers to learn about their power and responsibility through making a difference in their community. The Possibilities Factory Camp teachers and counselors support the young leaders as they collaborate to achieve a team set, community oriented goal. Through a variety of fun physical, mental, personal, and group challenges, the pFactory campers experience leadership and teamwork, then are guided in translating the learned principles into practice as they engage in their community service challenge. Concurrently, the pFactory campers learn basics of multi-media television production as they participate as the cast and crew of The Possibilities Factory TV Show.

The Possibilities Factory proposed TV show is a real-life program, made for tweens and teens about the challenges they face, and the triumphs youth leverage through The Possibilities Factory camps and other youth programs. Like Survivor, The Possibilities Factory TV show follows the actual events of a team as they face the challenges of creating and pulling off their community service projects. Like Zoom, the Possibilities Factory provides the viewers with inspiration and direction on how to emulate what they see on TV and do it in their own communities.

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